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reinforcing stairs

i have a set of stairs that need some repair. They are assembled with full 2x10 with wood cleats holding the steps but they are not attached to the floor on the bottom they rest on the basement slab. The stringers have spread at the bottom and due to repeated repairs the steps have some splitting damage and one has snapped in the middle, due my previous jv repairs.
i don't want to remove them entirely and start over so my though was to cut 2 new stringer to fit between the current ones to strengthen the steps and replace the cleats. I would then nail a board to the bottom of the 2 new stringers and nail into the old ones and use that to attach to the floor with concrete screws. Then replace any damaged or weeks steps.
If this sounds like a sound method , my next problem is how to attach the new stringers at the top. The current stringers attache to a board nailed between the floor joists, but i am hesitant to due this thinking it is already a poor connection. This set of stairs is running directly over top of the center beam of the house made of 4-2x12's strung from walls to center steal post. My thought was glue and nail and piece of ply wood to this beam to give me the necessary stand off and then attach new stringers with steel hangers then put the treads back on.
I am obviously not doing construction for a living but feel i am handy enough, to handle this if this is a correct way to fix this problem and strengthen these stairs. I would appreciate your criticism, and will include pics of stairs.

attachment at bottom
reinforcing stairs-imag0101-small-.jpg

cleats and 1/2 x 8 riser
reinforcing stairs-imag0104-small-.jpg

attachment to top of steps
reinforcing stairs-imag0111-small-.jpg

center beam
reinforcing stairs-imag0113-small-.jpg


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I strongly suggest remaking the stairs with proper --cut--stringers.

In the long run,it will be faster and fixed for good.

Cutting new stringers is not brain surgery--the formulas are easily available--

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The first thing I would do is move that wire between the stringer and beam, it could get damaged and cause a fire. If you are saying you plan to cut two stringers and install with the stairs in place you are fixing to play the dickens, I sure wouldn't want to try it. If that were mine, I would tear it out and start over, it would be a lot less problems for you.
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If I replace them how should they mount to floor and wall.
Is the board between joist the proper way to mount this
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