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tuckerz 12-10-2009 10:52 PM

REEB millwork quality sucks
If anything this post serves as a warning about Reeb millwork quality.

I ordered through a $5000 (yes $5000 installed) Thermatru front entrance door with two sidelights from Lowes which was assembled by Reeb millwork out of Maryland.

First time it was received it was built 3 inches short (62 vice 65 inches) of specs delivered from Reeb out of Maryland. No big deal I thought, just an oversight on a 5K door, no big deal. Why should Reeb measure twice before cutting once a 5K door ?

Second time the door was received Lowes sent it back because it had about 60 nail gun holes on the moldings that were not filled prior to the oak staining and moldings were falling off, total crap quality from Reeb again. A 10 year old could have done a better job. Stain was all over the glass also. You walked up to the door and you were in shock. And you wonder why American companies are going out of business.

Reeb for Maryland came and picked up the door from Lowes and reworked it to fix the issues.

I looked at the product they sent back a today and the holes look like they are filled with a furniture blend stick, you could pick it out with your fingernail. Reeb says it is a silicone base and will harden in 30 days. I would like to see this in writing. The material that is picked out of the holes by fingernail is not silicone based and will not withstand any weathering at all in my opinion.

Reeb told Lowes that they receive the doors pre-stained from Thermatru and when they nail gun the 60 plus holes visible and ship as such it is normal and they ship out all doors with holes visible. I confirmed from Thernmatru they send the panels out NOT stained, which is a lie from Reeb.
It;s apparent that Reeb does the staining because it was all over the edges of the glass, some places 1/4 inch.
Reeb should fill the holes BEFORE staining with a quality filler that hardened BEFORE staining.

I would suggest to anyone that does business with Reeb millwork to question the quality they will receive, it is total crap. Thermatru needs to distance themselves from this company. I woul not purchase any Thermatru door knowing this is how they are assembled by a secondary inferior company.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thermatru doesn't give a toot, Reeb millwork delivers inferior products, but we really like the door. What to do ?

UPDATE : The door sent back was filled with an indoor furniture blend stick that does not harden. They sent a stick back with it as I requested.

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