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gulleyj 08-08-2007 08:06 PM

re-using redwood fencing - a good idea?
I have some old redwood fence boards that are 9/16" thick. I'd like to re-use them in a new fence I'm building. They are very weathered (they're probably 25 years old) but sound. Are there any reasons not to do this? I'm putting in new pressure-treated 4x4 posts and new 2x6 redwood rails. I like the weathered look of the old boards and I like the idea of saving a tree. I plan to brush on a wood preservative, by the way.

Many thanks.

SecretSquirrel 08-08-2007 09:40 PM

Hey, as long as the boards are in good shape, then go for it. You may want to consider a good presssure washing before putting them back into service. I only say that so the preservative treatment will not be adversely affected by any dirt or decay buildup. This may however take some of that "weathered" look away. Do a test piece and check it out. Another suggestion... after they dry out from the pressure washing, coat the boards with your wood preservative front and back and on the ends before nailing them up. If your new posts are evenly spaced and the boards are of consistant length then this little preparation thing will save you mucho time plus give you piece of mind knowing that you did your best to preserve the wood for another generation. :wink: Well... let me make a small disclaimer... clear preservatives are only good for a couple of years. Semi-transparent a few years longer and so on. This "preserving" does require maintenance. The good news is red wood is naturally decay resistant.

Dang it! Almost forgot... welcome to the forum! :rockon:

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