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Re-Installing Lally Posts

Hello everyone!

I have a one story ranch home. In my basement, the previous owner was attempting I believe to open up the basement and make it a living space by reinforcing the beam and removing the center supports.

He had reinforced the center beam by adding two 2x4's laying flat below and nailed to the original 3 2x8's and sandwiching it with 2 2x12's bolted through the 2x8's with bolts and nuts and also nails. He only reinforced the center section of the beam (the center most span in the basement). Then he had a placed a single 4x4 post in the center of the this beam up to the 2x4 which was not connected to the floor or the beam in any way except for the weight of the beam and upstairs floor holding it in place.

Well after living here with this setup a few months, I noticed large cracks showing up in the walls upstairs where the drywall connects to the ceiling. I asked a couple friends what they thought would cause this, and they told me the floor was probably sagging.

So I examined the 4x4 holding up the center and I realized it was beginning to bow and crack in the center! I went to the local hardware store and bought a telescoping floor jack by Tapco and have it temporarily in place of where the 4x4 was.

After jacking it up around a 1/4 inch the cracks upstairs closed back up and the beam seems level now. Also, the 2x12's bolts and nuts seemed loose so I tightened up hand tight after jacking the beam back up. Going to buy some string and check it right hopefully tomorrow.

Heres where I could use some help,

I want to remove the 2x12's and the 2x4's and place lally posts to where they would butt up against the original 3 2x8's as they were originally.

The original blueprints show there were 4 footers poured every 8 feet (24x24x12), and the original posts were made from concrete blocks on top of the slab. Since I know where the footers are poured under the slab, can I simply post the lallys on top of where the original footers are on top of the slab? I believe he was trying to go from 4 posts to 3 by adding the 2x12's.

On one end he has a post made of 4 pressure treated 2x6's with 2x4 blocks on top and below, on top of which the reinforced beam is resting, 7 feet from the foundation wall. In the center he had the pressure treated 4x4 and 7 feet from the opposite foundation wall, he has a telescoping floor jack butted up to the original 2x8's. The basement area is 42 x 26 and is measured from the outside of the foundation wall.

And also, what would be the best way to secure the lallys to the original 2x8's?

Sorry for the long post, I didnt want to leave out any relevant info.

Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me.

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Re-Installing Lally Posts

And forgot to mention, the 2 2x12's are beginning to go off level, where they are looking like this \=/ because although they are sandwiched up to the original 2x8's, the 2 2x4's laying flat below the 2x8's are not wide enough for the 2x12's. The post that is made out out 2x6's is only supporting the 2x12's, and there is about an 1/2 inch space from the top of the 2x6 post to the where the 2x4's are nailed to the original 2x8's in between the 2x12's.

And the other end of the reinforced beam ends right above a wall, that I dont believe is load bearing as its not in the original blueprints.

Im going to take some pics, and upload them to photobucket here momentarily to give everyone a better idea of what im facing.

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Re-Installing Lally Posts

Pic of space above 2x6 post

Sideview facing foundation wall

Pic from rear

Span across basement

Grey post is temp, red post is supporting it

Here the beam goes into the wall, and re-enforcement ends on this wall.
Im going to pull down the cabinet on the other side tomorrow to see exactly how its supported.

Other side of wall, 2x8's only

Temp post nearest other side of basement.

So in a nutshell, I want to either,

A. Remove the reinforced beam, and place 4 lally posts on the original footers under the slab without having to dig up the floor.

B. Keep the reinforced beam, use one lally post where the 2x6 post is now using the original footing, and another in the center of the span using another of the footers, and replacing the old temp post nearest the other foundation wall.

Hope im making sense here, if you need any more info, I will try to elaborate.

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Re-Installing Lally Posts

Well since there are no responses here, im going to go ahead and mount the new posts to where the footers are under the concrete, bolting them down into anchors, maybe placing them on a 8x8 or 10x10 1/4 steel plate to distribute the weight more evenly and then bolting it all down to the concrete.
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