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WoodworkerDave 05-25-2013 04:42 PM

Raised patio at doorwall question
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Our house originally had a wood deck off the sunroom with a large door-wall. Nine years ago we had the deck removed and a raised patio was built. The patio surface is flush with the bottom of the sliding patio door.

I recently noticed that one of the patio pavers was sinking by the door-wall so I removed it. A small amount of the filler base had washed out. I proceeded to remove some more of the filler in this area to better see the below the door-wall. Attached are pictures of what I found. The flashing covering the ledger board (I assume that's what it's called) doesn't go all the way to the end and there is a small gap between the board and the adjacent brick. Is this OK? I've never had any water problems in the crawlspace under the sunroom. The visible wood is not rotted. Should I caulk this gap or do anything with it? Or should I fill the hole back up, level the paver and forget about it? Thanks for any input.

joecaption 05-25-2013 07:03 PM

That patio never should have been built that close to the threshold.
Not even close to be within code.
Look around on this site for the other poster asking about how to lift his house so he can replace all the rotted wood. That's what your house is going to look like if this is not fixed right.
That door should have bee set in a sill pan, the patio was suppost to be no closer then 4" to the threshold.
That wall needed to be waterproofed.

No amount of caulking is not going to fix this.

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