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janetng 07-12-2006 09:51 PM

Rafter Construction
I have a Lennar built home, and I've had customer care here several times fixing things that weren't done right. I had a home inspection and the inspector noticed a couple things in my attic that needed attention, but when I showed the builder construction manager, he made light of it saying it was okay, but they'd look into it if I "really wanted them to." He said the "fasteners" the inspector was referring to were "just nails," and that he'd put some nails in the boards if I wanted him to.

This is my first home, so I don't know anything about construction, but paid enough money that I want things done right. So, I want to ask you guys if you think what I'm asking them to fix is a big deal or if I should just "let it go."

The first thing noted by the inspector: Jack rafter has only one fastener at top end.

The 2nd thing the inspector noted was: Several rafters do not have full bearing on ridge board due to incorrect miter cut.

The pictures aren't really good, but I think you can see, especially in the 2nd one the poor miter cut -- will simply putting nails in these boards fix the "bearing" problem -- or do I have a serious matter on my hands that I need to stand up to?

Thanks so much, in advance for you advice. You can email me at:

manhattan42 07-12-2006 10:12 PM

Whether or not you have a "problem" or recourse against the builder depends entirely upon where you live and under which Building Code he operates.

Your e-mail address suggests you are in the Houston, Texas area, but without knowing in just whaich community you reside, it is impossible to tell under what building code, if any, your builder must comply.

International Residential Code states in Table R602.3(1) that:

"Roof rafters to ridge, valley or hip rafters:
toe nail-----------4 16d
face nail----------3 16d" are required."

Seems to me that a single nail does not meet code under most cirumstances and that between 3 to 4 16 penny nails are required as minimum.

Call your code enforcement office and report your private inspector's findings.

The good news is that the builder must comply with local code.
The bad news is if you have no local code, the builder can be completely off the hook.

Your code office is the only legal means by which you can get local code enforced. Call them and get their opinion.

janetng 07-13-2006 06:58 AM

Thanks for the Code Help
I never even thought of that -- I'm so new to home ownership that I wasn't sure where to turn. Thanks so much. :thumbup:

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