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4just1don 11-16-2008 10:02 PM

proper steps in wrapping tyvek and flashing windows??
There were VERY good threads about flashing new construction vinyl windows,specially the guy(wish I hadnt forgotten his name) of the guy that did the special metal flashing

he had a whole series of pics to go with.

I cant seem to find the proper steps for wrapping tyvek,flashing openings with peel and stick rubber flashing??

Do I still need metal flashing then??

I watch the shows on TV and see them wrap openings first with p and s and then tyvek,then place window and more p and s butyl rubber

So when siding is placed over you dont nail within this 8" of the window so it compromises the butyl p and s??

Anybody remember the guys name or can find the thread he posted it in?? Hopefully i can follow them. I didnt understand it 100% the first time I read it. guess I am too mentally challenged.

BUT channeling the water away from windows makes great sense

Anybody wanna take a stab to educate me quick before i screw it up??

I realize wrap from bottom up,shingle style.

bottom of sill gets tyvek,then butyl peel and stick then silicones window then more butyl, then head UP on sides OVER nail fins??Tyvek inside or outside nail fins on sides??

Top--- seems like window siliconed,,,,tyvek OVER nail fins,,, butyl rubber over fins also. anything UNDER all of it??

IF metal flashing is used instead,,, it is siliconed on(the edge of the windows)??and NO nails in it to dimple and make water run inside it??

AND how do you get the water to transfer out from the metal flashing to the outside of the siding??Doesnt the vinyl siding have to snap on the hold down part of the siding??

This is ALL SOOOOOOO complicated!! I NEED to learn to do this right the first time.(saw those pics of water running down the bare wood,,,,NOT good)thx-d-

Termite 11-16-2008 10:54 PM

Tyvek has excellent resources on their website. Practices vary regionally, and from builder to builder, so you might get a lot of opinions. The way I figure, Tyvek has tested their systems extensively, so following their guidelines to the letter is a best practice.

I'd suggest getting ahold of the local DuPont Tyvek product rep. They're usually very helpful if you're building a house or an addition and have questions about the best way to use their products. I've seen them go to the jobsite and walk people through it so it is done correctly.

4just1don 11-17-2008 09:31 AM

anybody remeber who that metal flashing thread was authored by??

I read pella's and jeld-wen site and they BOTH say NOT to silicone the bottom of the window,,,NOR apply the sticky butyl on the bottom OVER the fins. Looks to me,,there is always going to be water underneath,,, AND that water would follow nails into the wall and cause rot.

Only thing they do,do is to apply the butyl sticky all the way across the bottom (OVER the tyvek, before window in opening. and 3 or 6 inches up each side,,,in a "u" shape,,,very poor explanation to get the corners sealed down flat. ONLY way (I can see) would be to cut outside part of that "U" to the exact corner,,,which looks like another entrance point. Do they use a strip across the corner??

jogr 11-17-2008 01:45 PM

Be sure to use the window manufacturers procedure for flashing and tyvek. They seem to vary slightly and you want to be sure that you don't give them an out on their warranty.

AtlanticWBConst. 11-17-2008 06:10 PM

Here's some detailed and well illustrated window installation instructions:

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