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epeterson777 01-18-2009 01:49 PM

Preparing for an inspection
I am finishing my basement and called to get the framing inspected. They told me I needed to do the rough plumbing and rough electrical before they would look at it. My question is for the rough plumbing do they want me to go ahead and plumb into the existing water lines and cap everything off? Or should I just run the pipes to where they will eventually connect and tap into the existing lines after the inspection?

I would like to plumb into the lines right now so I can cap everything off and see if I have any leaks.

Also, after this inspection, what is the usual sequence for inspections after this?


buletbob 01-18-2009 01:59 PM

In my area we have different inspections for different stages. Complete rough framing, complete plumbing roughing which includes all pipes tie into existing lines, and capped off and pressurized. complete electrical rough with all light cans wired. then a fire caulk and insulation inspection, and last a finish inspection for all. I wish we had your way here, it will move the job along much quicker. Good luck BOB.

Termite 01-18-2009 05:37 PM

Go ahead and hook up all the supply and waste lines. You can put temporary caps on them and/or stuff a towel in the water closet drain. Don't install fixtures just yet. They'll want to see your connections if they'll be concealed, otherwise they might let you wait.

It is very common for an "all trades" rough-in inspection to be the way it is done. Many cities use "combination" inspectors like me instead of just having guys that specialize in one trade. Honestly, it saves you quite a bit of time in that you don't have to meet the inspectors over and over and over each time you finish something.

Other inspections that you may have between the rough and the final are:
-gas lines

Most cities don't do wallboard inspections on houses, but you definately need to ask your inspector to know for sure what they'll want to see.

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