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SCPete 03-05-2011 04:24 PM

Prep Concrete Block Wall for Natural Stone Veneer
I'm building a home but can't apply 4-5" natural stone veneer to the 5' tall (on a slope) concrete block foundation crawlspace walls for a couple of months after completion of the home due to budget constraints. What finished "covering" can/should be applied to the block so that inspectors for occupancy permit don't view it as unfinished and then hold up my mortgage going through? I don't want something expensive or hard to deal with later when I do apply the stone veneer.

Have researched extensively about applying 4-5" natural stone to concrete block and understand it can be applied directly to the block. Does someone have other guidance? This is a crawlspace wall, not basement, so I guess moisture into the block isn't such an issue? I'm in SC and am looking for a long-term, "best practice" method and not a quick fix.

Thank you for all guidance.

stadry 03-06-2011 08:54 AM

hopefully you left a brick ledge to support the stone veneer,,, we never had any trouble gettng a c/o in sc w/exposed block NOR did it delay any buyer's mortgage process.

SCPete 03-06-2011 11:19 AM

Thanks, itsreallyconc. The house won't start construction for a couple months. At this moment, prior to signing with our builder, I'm slashing the construction budget to fit within our means. We'll pay for good insulation, roof, hvac, etc., now and apply the stone later. We definitely will leave a ledge for the future stone work. I'm surprised that the bank will allow us to leave exposed block. In these days of hard-to-get mortgages, WellsFar/Wach has tormented us to death with requirements and stipulations and I don't want to leave anything to chance when we build. I've already had to strip crown molding and wainscoting out of the budget.

I WILL have stone...but it has to be after we get the occupancy permit. But I don't want to pester them with questions about what I can postpone from doing with "their" valuable might cause them concerns (delays). I need to have a back up plan in the event they balk against leaving exposed block. Again, thanks for weighing in with your experience.


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