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gmainolfi 02-06-2009 07:04 PM

Pre-hung door with metal studs
I need to install a pre-hung door into an existing wall with metal studs but I am not exactly sure of how to start. I have done wood framing for a door for a new wall but not with an existing wall with metal studs. The door that I am going to be hanging will be a 30in Hollow Core door from Home Depot.

Should I use wood or metal studs?

Should I just cut the drywall to the size I need for the door then install the studs in-between the two sides of the walls or should I cut the drywall back to the last studs that do not need to be removed then do the framing for the door?

Thanks in advance.

II Weeks 02-06-2009 07:10 PM

Door and window openings should be framed with wood 2X4's or whatever size youre using. Stronger and better for the wood trim.

The 2X's fit in the metal track. Really easy

Willie T 02-06-2009 08:20 PM

Since this is a metal stud wall, we're talking non-loadbearing, right? So that door can go wherever you want it to go.

One problem you may encounter is electric wiring (or maybe even plumbing, though not likely) running across where you intend to locate the door. You'll have to re-route this, or put the door somewhere else.

It may be possible to determine if any electric is in the way by taking off some of the closest receptacles for a look. Unfortunately the wiring will most likely run out of the top of the box, and you still won't know which way it goes.

But, in the event you are wire free, you do it just about like you said. You can't do much about anchoring into the top plate, but you CAN do some nailing or screwing to the bottom plate. Plenty of screws in both sides of the wall will firm up the 2 x 4's for mounting the door. Don't forget to put in a header piece so you'll have someplace to nail the trim. Doubling up the side 2 x 4's will help make a studerier installation.

gmainolfi 02-07-2009 08:52 AM

Thanks guys for the replies. It is a non-loadbearing wall, no plumbing, and i am pretty sure there is no wire but I will check. I only have 41in of whole the wall to place the door since the rest of the wall is over stairs plus if the previous owners decided to go with the bedroom the door would have went there anyway so hopefully the builders did not put anything in that area.

TBFghost 02-07-2009 08:42 PM

I line my metal opening with wood....

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