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cgio 02-11-2012 01:01 PM

Post replaced by load bearing wall
My house is 6 years old and I am in the process of finishing my basement. I have framed the external walls and now on to internal walls.

One wall in question would be built directly under a steel load bearing I-beam (6" wide) that is currently supported by the foundation wall and 2-4" steel posts - 1 at the end of the beam and the other about 10 feet (halfway) between the foundation wall and other post. There is an existing wall under the beam between the two posts that I would like to essentially continue.

Ideally, I would just build the post in the wall however it was installed off center and I don't like the idea of building a column box in the center of the wall for aesthetic reasons.

I was hoping to remove the post entirely and replace it with a load bearing wall under the beam. Of course my alternative is to break the concrete and move the post over a couple of inches but it would be much easier and cleaner to remove it altogether.

Thanks for any guidance.

titanoman 02-11-2012 01:09 PM

My first thought is no problem, but I wonder how thick the slab is there; a footing underneath would sure be nice.
I guess w/o a permit you could get away with it; I would double or triple the studs in the wall where the column is, as we can assume there is extra concrete there.

Beepster 02-11-2012 01:57 PM

Can you get a pic up?

Titman is right, there should be a footing under the post but there might not be along the rest of the wall. You don't want to put all that weight on just the concrete.

I was lucky enough when i framed out moms new basement that all the posts were contained within the center wall. I had to make it 6" for them to fit.


cgio 02-11-2012 02:18 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are 2 pics. One showing the space for the wall and the other the floor where the post goes into the concrete.

A 6" wall would do it but I'd like to take advantage of the existing 4" wall.

The slab should be 4" thick but again, who knows what shortcuts the builder took. In fact, I already tried moving another post in another area and found that the post wasn't even on the footing, it was just sitting on the gravel/stone under the slab. I replaced it with a 2"x6" wall which I'm convinced is doing a much better job than the post ever did.

There should be a 3'x3' footing where the post is and I would definitely triple up the 2"x4"s that replace it. I would actually double up on all studs across the length of the wall just to help distribute the weight.

Thanks for your replies.

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