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wombosi 07-21-2010 07:27 PM

post and pier foundation and veneer?
i have a small addition on my house, sitting on brick piers. not sure if these actually go down as it looks like they are just sitting on the ground.
there is a crawl space underneath that is totally inaccessible unless i gut the walls, which run down all the way to the ground (clapboard over plywood).

in any case, i'm going to remove the walls soon, brace up the structure and dig proper piers.

here's my question: the rest of my house has a stone and mortar foundation, parged over, and another addition in cinder block. i want to be able to veneer the addition after giving it a proper foundation.
is it possible to do a stone veneer between post and pier? can i simply frame a floating wall between posts with 2Xs and PT fly, and veneer over that?
or do i need a continuous poured or block footing to carry the weight of the veneer?

another option is to stucco over the entire house's foundation, but i would rather remove the parge, repoint what i have, and add more stone veneer to try to match.


concretemasonry 07-21-2010 07:33 PM

If it is the artificial stone of very thin brick sticking it on a wall might work if the wall is supported frequently and is rigid enough or you can expect cracks.

If you are talking about real brick of stone, then you need a ledger angle at the bottom bolted frequently to the structure to carry the weight.

A lot depends on the pier spacing and method of attachment.


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