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WillK 01-02-2012 09:53 PM

Post action review of my last 2 weeks off work
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Arg, this lap top likes to accidentally pretend I hit a back button when I didn't.

I'll tell the short version of my last 2 weeks. My project involves digging 27 footings for 4 triple 2x10 beams for my 93 year old house that has no foundation. Before the week started, I had 9 footings poured and 6 more ready to pour (dug, forms set, inspection completed).

During week 1 I cleared obstructions for 3 more footings. During week 2 I dug those 3 footings (see picture showing 5 gallon buckets containing the dirt for 1 whole footing excavation), had them inspected and mixed and poured 64 bags of concrete.

Since I had 9 footings ready to pour I decided to rent a mixer. I intended to try to go through 72 bags, but 64 was enough for me in a 24 hour period working by myself, hauling mixed concrete into a crawlspace 1 5 gallon bucket at a time.

I also included a photo showing the hole dug for footing #4 of beam #1. The forms are not yet in place. The other 2 holes will be on the other side of the plumbing shown on the right, and are considerably harder to access.

ddawg16 01-02-2012 10:54 PM

Of anyone, I can appreciate what your going through......oh boy....what a project.....

I went through something similar when I was doing the foundation for my 2-story addition...I had to pour 2 footings and 4 girders under my existing house....but I used a pumper to get the concrete in....but I still feel your pain....and my body still achs from will yours.

Keep us posted with the pics....interesting project.

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