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fabian 02-27-2011 10:18 PM

possibly basement finishing project, precautions?
Hello everyone! I am looking into finishing my basement about 1000 sq ft. Been in the house for over 2 years now and the rear half of the basement has french drains with my sump pump. high water table so my pump during the winter months (jersey) goes off constantly. About once every 45 min or so. During the summer months it would be bone dry through out the summer. so my question is i wanted to finish my basement with using sheet rock after i frame everything and all. I wold like to do carpet, but what would be my best option as far as flooring just in case if anything happens and i get water in there. over 2 years and no flooding so far. One time our power went out for 15 hrs, my neighbor got 4 inches of water during a big storm last year. I didnt get anything since i had my generator powering my pump :thumbsup:

Basically wanna finish my basement since i can add 1000 sq ft of living space plus use it for tv/game room. but water always frigtens me. so would like some advice on the type of flooring to go with, even with the walls or framing. thanks.

bluebird5 02-27-2011 10:47 PM

tile is about the only thing that can withstand a flood. and when you do your sheetrock hold it 1inch off the floor. usually its up a half but might as well go an inch since you are worried about flooding. use preasure treated for your bottom plate when you frame or a sill gasket under reg to prevent wicking. with an interior sub pump do you have a trench all the way around the interior of your walls? you are going to need to prevent that moisture from getting into your walls if you do. never delt with an interior system anyone who has chime in

jklingel 02-27-2011 11:48 PM

Standard questions: Have you taken care of minimizing the intrusion of liquid water in the first place? Grading, gutters, "waterproofing" the walls, etc. That is a huge amount of water (we are very dry, so I have no idea what "normal" is in your soils), so outside measures need to be addressed first, if they have not been. If you are going to insulate, it sounds like rigid foam or at least rock wool is in your future. Good luck, and I am glad we don't have soil like yours. Tough deal.

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