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abagoz 03-17-2011 06:59 PM

Porch roof
Looking for some suggestions here..

quick over view.. I have a 4/12 pitch roof on my cabin 24' wide. I would like to add 12' out keeping the same roof line 4/12 creating a covered porch. I would just tie into the same roof and just continue out the 12' with shingles.

Now the question. I am thinking of sinking 4x6's into ground cement them in and run 2x8's as headers to support the new 4/12 pitch trusses. And should I tie the 1st set of 4x6's to the house wall or keep the freestanding (so to speak) if I keep them free standing then the roof would only be attached where the old roof meets the new roof (1 truss). Might be a tad worried about the roof flexing in high winds and stressing the joint at the old roof vs new roof..

Looking for any ideas on this..
Thanks Andy

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