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danieldowns 04-29-2012 09:38 AM

Porch Remodel
Hi All,
I am looking to remodel an old 3 seasons porch into a usable area with new windows,fron door and flooring. The porch sits lower than my home,there is one door from my living room onto the porch. On the porch there was old outdated and peeling panel board which I have begun to remove which can be seen in the photos. The framing in all areas except for around the windows and door seem sound. I would like to reframe for new windows and put in a new door to replace the old 3 seasons door. The configuration made by whoever did the paneling left some loose framing around the door and also added shims of wood to make the paneling appear flat. I would also like to remove the paneling on the floor seen in the photos and raise the floor to the heigh of the living room. Any suggestions with theis project is greatly appreciated. I have included a link to a blog with photos.

hand drive 04-29-2012 10:29 AM

as long as your new windows and door are not bigger than the openings you have now it should not be to much of a hassle. if you have to extend the openings to accommodate the new windows and door then that is much harder. it is always easier to fill in to make it fit than tear out to make it fit.

as for the floor, you could lay 2x4 or 1x4 material down flat over existing floor and then refloor on top of that. depending on which you choose it might bring the house floor level to the same height as the porch. If you seal in the porch good enough you could even change the front door over to an interior door and get rid of the huge front door and threshold, making it look more like interior space. or, when changing the floor just rework the front door threshold and leave the door. :)

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