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robertmee 11-13-2007 10:04 PM

Porch re-construction - replacing 2x6's
Our lake bungalow we just purchased has a fairly badly rotted screened porch. It's construction consists of non pressure treated 2x6's attached to a concrete pad, with 2x6 vertical supports every 24". I would like to A) replace the bottom pieces with treated as the existing ones are completely rotted and B) eliminate the every 24" to give a more open feeling. There is no upper header as each vertical support is attached directly to a roof rafter.

Tips for tackling this job? I'd like to do it piecemeal, jacking one section temporarily and replacing it, instead of knocking the whole porch down as the roof is in good shape. Also, can I eliminate some of the posts going with 4x6 (two sistered 2x6)?

The dimensions are apx 10' x 20'.

moneymgmt 11-14-2007 09:20 AM

I'm trying to picture..... you have a slab, with 2x6's lying flat on the exterior walls connected to the slab, and 2x6 verticals attached at the bottom to the footer and at the top to the rafters? A picture would be very helpful. If you're going to disconnect the vertical studs you'll have to run something to connect the rafters horizontally from the bottom. I'm assuming the only thing holding them from side to side is the roof sheathing so if you pull out vertical support there is nothing to hold each rafter up. and gravity will win.

robertmee 11-15-2007 06:47 AM

Disregard the first post....sorry. I was off base on my recollection of the porch construction.

I went yesterday to inspect the porch carefully with the thought of replacing it, and I was wrong on several accounts. The vertical risers have a 2x4 header before the rafters. And the verticals are 2x4's not 2x6's and they are on 16" centers.
I also discovered that the vertical risers don't go all the way up. There's a knee-wall. Instead of running risers all the way up and putting horizontal braces between them, they ran short risers, a common mid-line 'knee' and then a second set of risers up to the roof. My thought is:

Temporarily support a section. Knock down the wall and rebuild a wall on the ground consisting of 2x6 treated for the base, 2x6 verticals and a 2x6 header and raise into place. If I have 2x4's on 16" centers now, can I open the 2x6's up to 32"? As for the knee, I'll put in cross bracing in between the vertical risers, not have two sets of risers.

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