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degnem 06-07-2010 07:58 PM

Porch columns to beam attachment
I am rebuilding the front porch on my 1890's home. I am debating about how to properly foot and anchor the porch support columns. As I see it, i basically have two options... Use a 10 ft. (approx.) turned 6x6 column footed directly on the concrete pier running all the way to the ceiling/roof... or use a short 6x6 post footed on the pier with an 8 ft. turned 6x6 column on top of that. I would prefer to use a continuous column (10 ft.) from top to footing. But how would I attach the perimeter beams (likely (2) 2x12's side by side) to the column. The IRC recommends notching the 6x6 or using an appropriate post cap post to beam attachment ( page 8). Is there any way to do this using a continuous 6x6 porch column from top to footing, basically bearing the weight of the roof and the porch floor in the same column? How would I attach the beams?

http://blueearth.minnesotaassessors....=45338&sid=127 I'll try to find a better picture, but the porch has since been removed.

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