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rollinastang 06-27-2011 08:20 PM

pool deck, carpenter help
my in laws are getting a new pool. the pool will be a pratial in ground above grounder. my father in law and i met with a carpenter today to discuss the deck. i am not master carpenter but i have a few concerns from what ive heard today. first off the pool is a 30x15 with the corners being in the form of an octagon not circular but with angles making the turns if that makes sense. there is an existing 25x9ft concrete slab deck that is attached to the home. the plan is to add 15ft of wood decking off this deck to lead toward the pool. this would come off the 25 feet in length part of the slab deck leaving 10feet on the right hand side open as there are stairs going down to the pathway there which is not going to be a problem for the new deck. on the left side of the pool we are going to follow the angles of the pool with the deck off that 15 foot extension. that part is going to be 10 feet wide. and on the right side we are going to do the same thing follow the angles of the pool only that side is only going to be 5 feet wide. the other end of the deck along the far side of the pool is also going to be 5 feet wide and again following the angles of the pool to connect to the 10 foot wide section to make a full all around deck. the problem i have is with the contractor. he says he likes to use only 12 foot decking boards as they are made better than pre cuts as he calls them(I.E.-6footers,8footers,10 footers) he claims the pre cuts are worse grade material and are not true sizes and so on an so forth. i originally told my father in law to use 10 foot decking boards on the one side and just make the other sides and even 6 foot and get the 6 foot decking boards. my question is why is this guy telling him to uses 12 foot decking boards? seems to me like he wants to cut all day and have a ton of extra scraps leftover. i am looking out for my family and i believe this guy is looking to make money standing and cutting boards to length. am i wrong or is this guy telling the truth about 12 foot boards? i understand why he wants to use 4x4x12 for the posts because this pool with be sunken in the ground and u probably will need different size post because of the grade of his yard. but i don't understand why the decking boards need to be 12 feet. much help is needed am i missing something or am i dead on? please help..sorry i dont have a pic of the yard or pool but when i got home i just got to thinking and had to post. i don't want to see my family get rolled for a bunch of cash they truly don't need to spend. i dont want to be misunderstood here. i respect this guys knowlage on most of the project and believe it is gonna turn out phenomenal either way: pre cuts or 12 foot boards. i just cant get over this. is there anything else i may be over looking as well?

Ron6519 06-28-2011 06:00 AM

I'm sorry, I don't see an issue with the 12' boards. Cost wise or waste wise.

12penny 06-28-2011 06:16 AM

Go to your local lumber yard and ask them for a 6' deck board.:whistling2:

12's are fine. 16's would work also.

rollinastang 06-28-2011 10:19 PM

actually with the exact measurements we would really be better off with 16 footers. but is it true that the precut lumber (lengths shorter than 12ft) is lesser grade material over all, not exact measurements from what they are advertised to be? if so i been getting ripped off for all my projects because i buy 6 and 8 foot sections of lumber as i only have a 5 and a half foot bed on my truck. i ve never seen a board that wasn't exactly 8 foot or whatever lengths i have gotten. i guess im just trying to feel this guy out. you hear all these horror stories of bad renovations and what not, and am ultimately trying to look out for my in laws.

carpitect 06-28-2011 10:57 PM

I assume you are referring to treated lumber for this pool deck project?

I've not known the different lengths of lumber to vary in grading quality, but if you are worried about that, specify the grade of lumber you want in the contract.

'Pre-cuts' typical refer to the framing lumber that is 'pre-cut' for standard wall heights - 92 5/8" for 8' wall studs, etc. Most lumber, other than pre-cut studs, is an inch longer (give or take an 1/8") than it's specified length. I think the contractor was trying to say that even if you bought 6' boards, he would have to do some minor trimming to get them to exactly 6'. Cutting deck boards takes all of about 30 seconds once you get rolling. Go with the longer stock - you'll probably find it actually saves time and waste.

If you're worried about the contractor, ask for references and check them out. A set of drawings or sketches and a contract would be advised. And it sounds like a permit would be required as well.

joeyr 06-29-2011 12:07 AM


pre-cut' for standard wall heights - 92 5/8" for 8' wall studs
Don't you mean 92 1/4 inch studs? :huh:

Anyways, Linear Lumber is suppose to be 3/4's longer then the actual size. It's all for layout..

Lumber quality for shorter pieces would be the same as longer ones as long as the grade of lumber is the same. Obviously the longer the board, there is more of a chance for a severe cup or crown. You can fix the crown when screwing down the boards but not so much a cup.. It all depends on where he gets the lumber from.

I'd use the longest boards I could so you don't have joints EVERYwhere on your deck. The more butt joints the more rot you can have in the future..

Maybe get another quote from another contractor and see what he says..

Best of luck,


rollinastang 06-30-2011 01:26 PM

thanks and yes we are using treated lumber.i now have a better idea of why.. I appreciate your info

carpitect 06-30-2011 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by joeyr (Post 676313)
Don't you mean 92 1/4 inch studs?

Nope - I mean 92 5/8" - at least that's what they are in the States. Are they different up north?

joeyr 06-30-2011 08:18 PM

Weird, yeah for 8 foot walls we use 92 1/4 studs in British Columbia.. :huh:

12penny 07-01-2011 06:21 AM

Canadians are shorter.:laughing:

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