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gamdore 06-14-2009 12:53 PM

Please Help! Wondering if its asbestos in the walls or not T_T
Hello. ^^ After awhile of resting my feet on the walls, I somehow managed to punch a hole and surprise, I found out clunks(?) of white-plaster chunks that was inside! Touching it, it left a powder like substance on my fingers, and I tried testing it if it was asbestos or not by burning it and it didn't burn at all(didn't even leave a burn mark.) Am a bit terrified if it is asbestos or not, so would appreciate any information please.

sorry, the pictures are not very clear, but the wall structure basically is-

1mm outer wall (really thin cardboard-paper like thing)-and then the white plaster(its about 0.5 inches thick)-and then again the really thin cardboard-paper like thing-and then concrete. (I live in a Apartment building)

Ron6519 06-14-2009 03:09 PM

It looks like foam. Do you have a magnifying glass or a microscope? Asbestos fibers have a distinct visual. Do a google search for asbestos, print it out and compare it to what you have.
My guess would be the structure was retrofitted with foam insulation, shot into the walls. If it was done in the '70s, it's probably urea formaldehyde foam. Very light weight, crumbles to a sand like consistancy and very fragile to the touch.

gamdore 06-14-2009 04:32 PM

Thank you for the reply Ron. My thoughts about the white-foam like substance is leaning towards foam, like you said. I even opened up the room-air conditioning vent, and saw the actual thickness of the wall where the vent is, and found the foam like substance exposed there. I could scrape it with my fingernails and it brushes off like white powder. Hope its not asbestos, sigh-paranoia, but not extreme like Howard Hughes. ^^ Found out the wall itself is not even a inch-thick and the white foam substance is "inside."

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