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Mrmusic 09-10-2008 09:33 AM

Please, help with sheathing and stud placement

We are closing in our porch and making a bedroom. We have some of the wall studs up. When we go to put our outside sheathing up, do the ends of the sheathing absolutely have to butt together exactly on a wall stud? For instance, we went two block high at the bottom and then the walls will be wood above that. We have a 2x8 attached to the block with achor bolts. Well, what if you have to move a stud a few inches because of an anchor bolt, or maybe because of a window frame or something? This is not a load bearing wall, we left the original posts in and will hide them in the wall, that is, frame around them

So, does the ends of sheathing have to fall in the center of a stud, or is it alright if a sheet over laps the end of a stud a few inches and butts up against the next sheet in between studs?

Also, does sheathing have to be put on with the 8 foot section up and down or can they be put sideways, which should give each sheet more studs to nail to?

Termite 09-10-2008 10:11 AM

Your sheathing's edges must land on studs. All of the lateral loads (wind) that the sheets take is transferred to the edges. If the edges do not land on framing members, you'll have problems galore. Cut the sheets to line up or add studs where you have to.

As for orientation, either way is ok. If it is sheathing and not siding, I prefer horizontal. Nail the edges to studs and plates 6" on center with 8D nails, and nail the middle 12" on center with 8D's.

Big Bob 09-10-2008 04:52 PM

Great advice above.

Add the stud...less time then cutting + the drywall side
might work out for you.

In Florida they like the sheathing Vertical... solid 8'high at the corners.
instead of let-in braces...I nail a bit tighter 4'oc at perimeter. 6" in the field.

Sometimes the wind blows hard around these parts

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