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If the whole corner is 'loose' but has yet to falloff, consider drilling some 3/8" holes directly in the crack area. clean the holes out (compressed air and brush) and insert epoxy this will stabilize the loose piece; then clean the surface and use a topping compound to seal/clean up the visible crack

If it is loose now, simply using hydralic cement will crack again


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Looked at your pictures again, drilling for epoxy is only possible in the top 6" of the crack, below that will probably break of...if the crack goes all the way across the outside corner. If it does break off make sure it's clean and epoxy back on, you will have to hold the piece in place for about 10 mins while the epoxy does it's initial set
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You have a row of cinderblocks on top of the poured concrete foundation. The corner block is cracked. Take it out and put in a new one.
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Ok so, I went and patched up the cracks with quick setting cement. I patched outside and the inside crack too. I'll see how it holds up. It ain't pretty but I gather that unless you're a pro will color matching skills this is kinda what you get. When I put the dirt back it probably won't look as bad. I should probably still put a sealer on it and redirect the gutter as well. I'll look into that stuff soon.

Any ideas about how I can make it a little easier on the eyes?

Thanks for the help guys. I was lost.

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Ayuh,......... That don't look Too bad,........

I Agree with the previous conclusion that your Problem is Water related.......
I Don't think the downspout is the Issue,..... If it was Plugged,.... You'd know it when it rains.....
We planted a garden out front 2yrs ago. I'm concerned that maybe that's causing the problem. Although, the last owner had a garden as well. I've read that putting plants in clay based soil is a bad idea. There's a lot of clay in my soil. Also, I know the ground drainage isn't good in that corner. During heavy rains I get a large puddle that forms on the sidewalk. If I was diagnosing the situation I would say it's between the plants and the sidewalk drainage that are causing this problem. Of course, I didn't know any of this stuff until I starting reading about the foundation cracks.
I Think that you've discovered the Real Issue right there.......

In your earlier pictures,... The Sidewalk appears to be blocking the Drainage away from the foundation,......
And,.......... With the Gardening going on at the other side,... It appears that the Gardener's have been just dumping more,+ more topsoil in the garden.......
In Essence,....... The Gardener's have built a Dam.............

There's absolutely Nothing Wrong with gardening,.... I have gardens Right up to my foundation on 2 sides,......
You've got to Dig a Hole for the topdirt, Not add it to the existing grade.........

You Have to maintain a downward grade Away from your house...........


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