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BobnSofi 02-18-2008 02:19 PM

Please Help with Fireplace Hearth Planning

Sofi just tore out the old brick hearth. We have a typical 1985 Calfornia tract home. A concrete slab floor. and sheetrock walls.

Sofi wants a new RAISED hearth. 60" wide 16" high and 16' deep. She wants a marble tile finish.

The question is.... The Hearth Construction.

It would seem that is would be best to build a sturdy box out out of 2X4's, with a thick plywood top and sides and "red head" attach it to the concrete floor, and bolt it the existing wall???

The Box design?

Thanks for your help!

here is how it looks today. We are removing the old fireplace box and putting in a new box higher (a whole different can of worms).

troubleseeker 02-18-2008 06:26 PM

What do you mean "design"? It sounds like you just need a basic rectangular box. No need for much elabotare 2 x 4 framing; a four sided plywood base, with a couple of cleats to secure it to the floor. Be sure it is square before securing to floor, then add a double thickness of plywood for the top, some backer board, and tile. Have an idea for your mantle, so you can make the box wide enough to receive the vertical legs comfortably.
Although it will certainly cost more than marble tiles, I always think that slab stone look better on a fireplace than tiles., but that is MY opinion, and the only one that really matters is the one of the person who is paying for it.

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