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fenders 12-16-2011 01:16 PM

Planning on finishing my basement gradually
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Hi guys,

I am hoping you can help me with my questions. I'm pretty good with tools. Just built my lean 4x10 shed which was my first project for this site.

My next phase will be trying to start framing my walkout basement next summer. I have been doing some reading and find some of it confusing when it comes to vapor barriers and the proper method. I have pony walls and a stepped wall. My walls appear dry, havn't looked behind the batt. My friend who's a Real est agent told me that this 5 year old house was pretty much ready to be dry walled in alot of spots. I will post pictures to help. I am living in hot summers and cold climate south ontario. My dehumidfier I change daily in the summer and not as frequent in the winter. I attached my rough plans.


1. The batt is a brownish /orangy colour, what R rating would that be? Would I be better off getting rid of this and getting the spray foam or can i save money using my existing and still have a great seal.

2. The framing - I have pony walls already framed 2x6 with orangy batt and 6 mil vapour sheet. Towards thefront of the house they have batted right on to the concrete and coverred with 6mil VB. Is that normal? wouldn't foam board be better?

3. framing around a pipe. In one of my pictures theres a drain pipe that sticks a little out from the wall , just frame around it?

4. BBQ gas line runs thorough inside - I have a gas bbqin the back upper deck , the line runs through the basement. Can I use ceiling tiles to do the ceiling under it? I heard some people say gas lines should be run outside of the house for bbq if you are finishing your basement.

5. ceiling vents (hvac) - I currently have about 6 ceiling vents that seem to give enough warm air to the basement. I was hoping to leave them on the ceiling as I plan on installing a wood stove in the family room corner. Should I ensure there is a return on the cieling as well? Was trying to find a link on how to tap into it and create a cold air return. maybe ill leavve that for the pros? I cant see how I will get the vents to the ground below, too much altering of plans i think.

6. foundation - i used a cement paint when I moved in just so i could at lease use the basement for now. Is it necessary to paint it with that water proofing stuff?

7. crawl space - I am possibly thinking of crating a short door for the crawl space and maybe making a little kids room for the kids but there's a hole in the middle and it has a white pipe sticking out. I was limited to 6 pictures uploading so I couldnt add that one. Is that pipe safe to cover. It's not open, it's closed. Is that a sewer tie in? My main drain is near my furnace and sump hole.

Sorry guys alot of questions. appreciate your help, wespecially to figure out how to properly vapour seal this .

fenders 12-16-2011 02:24 PM

attaching my basment pics
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Attaching my pics, didn't atach the first time.

Firehawk734 12-16-2011 03:41 PM

Do you know if there's a vapor barrier behind your insulation? I have a thread started on here and live close to you, or at least, same climate. Was just wondering. Thanks.

Also,how is the non faced insulation in the stud wall supported? On faced you can staple, i'm wondering how yours is held up. Thanks.

Canucker 12-18-2011 07:59 AM

I'd be extremely surprised if he had a vapour barrier behind his insulation. Could happen, but its not right

fenders 12-18-2011 10:01 PM

no vapour beyond that. It's just the 2x6, 6mil vapour, Batt (not sure what r it is - orangy brown) and after that it looks like the wood sheathing (ext wall). My out side is all vinyl siding. some of the concrete has batt and vapour vbarrier on it, does that make sense?

Would I be better off scraping whats there (spray foaming all) or could I save money and just frame ledges around (start sheetrockin)whats already there (pony walls, back walls). I want to save some money but also want to make sure im above code and want a good moisture seal.

Appreciate all your input. Planning on starting in the summer.

Gary in WA 12-22-2011 09:45 PM

Where are you located?


fenders 12-22-2011 10:33 PM

I'm in Niagara region. Cold in the winter and can get humid in the summer.

IN the summer I empty my dehumidifier once a day. I think right now im stuck at the insulation. I'm thinking of going with the roxul. ANd the drain pipes that are right next to the side wall. I'm working on getting the B&D boks, do some more reading in the meantime.

Gary in WA 12-24-2011 12:31 PM

So, Canada? You may need the vapor barrier, check locally. Here are some sites for finishing your basement for which you will probably need a permit:

You mentioned “reading”:


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