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Doug Crf 07-25-2006 02:15 PM

Pissed about this whole house fan
I have been reading about this whole house fan that lowe's carries.I went to go get one and they were sold out.I waited and waited for them to get one and finely they got one and called me so I went and got it.while I was waited for lowes to get one which was about a week I did as much research on this model of fan that I could.I wrote on a few differnt forums and nobody answerd back so I went off what the manfacture's site said and they talk like this fan is gold.It pretty much should be for this price I paid 600.00 ,compaired to most other fans that is a little less than triple what they cost.Last night I got it all installed and it does not seem to preform like they said it would.I know there are a few things to consider when buying a whole housefan like attic ventalation and square footage of the house.I actually called the manurfacture and talked to them and they saidit would be good.Now going on what they told me and by readingwhat it said on there site about the the fan I went ahead and got it.Well I am thinking they are full of sh## so far.I came down from the attic and the house was already cooling downfrom all the other fans in the house but even then it seemed like thisfan I installed should of cooled it better.Here's what the temp was out side just as I turned on the new fan.8OF Outside, 85F Inside,I turned on the fan and it seemed like really did not do any thing.I held a piece af paper in the window and it did not even move.Now I am hoping I just need to play with thing a little like for onethe themometer I was reading off of is on our wall and I am sure thefan is not going to pull the air along the wall unless the thermometer is in a hallway and then also I think I might need to close a couple windows or atleast close them most of the way to test with the papermovement.I work the night shift so I am not going to be able to play with this fan untill saturday evening so untill then I am just wondering if any one has experince with whole house fans.I am looking for some tips ?I am hoping this fan did not sell for this much because of ease of installation and the fact of it is remote control.THANKS in advance for any help. Doug

redline 07-25-2006 02:50 PM

Is the fan pulling air into the attic space?
Do you have enough vents in the attic for the fan to pull enough air up from the house?

If you do not have any roof/gable vents then the fan will not be able to pull any air from the house.

How many inches of insulation do you have in the attic?
Is the rest of the house properly insulated?

A few hints to keep the house cooler.

Only open the windows after the sun has set. If you do need to open wndows then try to only open the windows on the shady side of the house.

We normally do not open the windows at all during the day. Keeps the hot air outside. We open the windows after the sun has gone down and leave them open all night to let the house cool down. Then in the morning we close the windows before the sun comes up to trap the cooler air in the house. The house is 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air without the a/c on. We have an attic fan that keeps the attic cooler. It is not a whole house fan.

Use blinds/curtains on the sunny side of the house to keep the sun/heat out.

Doug Crf 07-26-2006 02:49 PM

Yes we have gable vents at each end of the house and we have sofit
vents and a wirly or turbin or what ever they are called.
Yep we do the same thing with openning the whole house up at night
and in the morning close every thing up,It works pretty good.
Right now it is 95 out side and inside it is 85.
It does'nt feel very cool in here but all you have to do is go out side for a minute and then come in and it makes it feel pretty cool in here.

Thanks for answering back to my post,In the mean time I am just waiting for saturday to come so I can be home to check out how this
fan works when it starts cooling down out side and it is hotter than
heck in the house.

Me and the wife will leave for a bit and then come home and crank on the fan and try it and see what happens.

Thanks again Doug

redline 07-26-2006 06:15 PM

Do you have the proper thickness (R-value) of insulation in the attic?

Doug Crf 07-27-2006 01:32 PM

Yes I am pretty sure the attic is insulated pretty good.
It has the pink stuff down and then blown in stuff also.
Right at the locatation where I installed the fan the
instructions say clear the insulation about a foot all the
way around where the fan is being installed so I did.
I need to put the insulation back now because when
I check the temp of the celing like say five feet away
from the fan and it is like 10 degrees cooler than where
the insulation is cleared.
I think I need to put the insulation back and then put like
planks down incase the insulation tries to get pulled up from
the motion of the air
I did not really know how important the insulation is untill
I now see how warm the area is where I cleared it.

I have a little update on the fan.This morning when I got
home at like 3 00am our bed room was pretty hot.
My wife did not open up the window when she opened up
the rest of the house.
I went around and closed the windows she had opened and
opened the bedroom window and I cranked on the fan and
it seemed to pull air pretty good thru the window.
The little pull string for the blinds was wipping around
pretty good.And the room cooled pretty good so may be
things might not be as bad as I thought.
I will have a good report on sunday after I play with this
thing saturday evening.
Thanks Doug

redline 07-27-2006 03:17 PM

Are the total vent (openings) in the roof as large as the opening for the fan?

For example:
Say that the whole house fan has an opening of 2' x 2' or 4 square feet.
If you have 4 vents (openings) and each is 1' x 1' then your intake and exhaust for the fan are almost equal.

If the fan had 4 square feet of opening area and you only had 2 vents that are 1' x 1' then the fan would have more resistance to pushing the air out thru the roof.

It is better to have more vent area then the opening area for the fan.

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