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amakarevic 11-01-2010 01:38 PM

perforated wall drain pipe
i am building a small, 1 ft tall by about 20 ft long retention wall. i need it because my backyard on one side is elevated relative to the neighbor and not on the other side and i have a shed whose footing i would like to keep in place.

over time, i have witnessed how the soil expands with rain and even experimented with small cinder block walls (unmortared) which would crumble under wet soil expanding like a card tower.

so i went full force and set an array of five 3ft deep piers, 3 of which i am also using for my deck and want to connect them with a small wall (more like 4 little walls). i want the wall to be about 1 foot deep, the elevation of my shed platform is about 8 inches higher than the neighbor's yard + some footing. at about the level of his yard, or maybe a couple inches above, i wanna set 2 perforated drain pipes in each wall segment (4 of them) to drain the water from my elevated yard (basically surrounding of the shed). questions:

1. what size pipe would be adequate, i was thinking 1.5" ?
2. how deep should the pipe go into the soil my side ? is a couple feet OK or should it be more or less ?
3. should i buy a pre-perforated pipe (HD didn't have it) or should i use regular PVC pipe and drill my own holes?


stadry 11-01-2010 02:54 PM

only 1 ft tall by about 2 ft long ? ? ? ? why bother w/anything when you can just grade the center of the 2' higher than either end ? ? ?

4" coils x 50' are avail in apron store garden sections along w/10' pieces of the same - either slot OR w/holes - get sewer & drainage pipe inside ( plumbing ),,, we also line the system w/filter cloth & backfill w/clean #57 stone.

amakarevic 11-01-2010 03:19 PM

20 ft, typo, sorry :wallbash:

stadry 11-01-2010 06:56 PM

dammit, you're an experienced poster, too,,, pay attn from now on :laughing: ok, so get TWO 10' lengths :thumbsup:

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