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mcaanda 05-21-2008 11:46 PM

Peninsula install on Laminate flooring?
Im looking to build a peninsula to extend out our counter tops, and Im having some issues with what to do with the cabinets. Usually are they not screwed to the floor / wall / ect?

I cant do that cause the floor is "floating" and if you screw anything into it, and then into the sub-flooring, you kinda loose the "floating" thing.

Will the weight of the new counter tops ( solid surf ) be enough to hold all this together if I was to attempt to screw it to another and then to the existing cabinets where they do connect?

Here is what we have currently minus the island as that was pulled out when I re-did the floors:

And here is what I want to attach on the side of the dishwasher that you see above with the cabinets facing the inside of the kitchen:

Thanx in advance.

Termite 05-22-2008 12:01 AM

Easily done...

Place the peninsula base cabinets right where you want them and outline their footprint exactly with masking tape, then move the cabinets out of the way. Use a circular saw with a fine tooth plywood blade (or a carbide blade with a lot of teeth) to cut inside the lines set by the tape. Set the saw only as deep as the floor so you don't cut into the subfloor much at all, and stay within the lines. Finish where the saw doesn't go with a sharp chisel or small handsaw. You're basically creating a void in the floating floor into which the peninsula will sit. Fasten the cabinets to the subfloor sheathing with a few screws. Once it is set, install base shoe to make the transition between the cabinet and the flooring nice and clean. The shoe will also cover up chips in the flooring in case the saw blade doesn't cut perfectly...The masking tape will help reduce chipping in a lot of products.

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