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whitek 09-03-2009 12:09 AM

Patio Door installed incorreclty?
My contractor states we just need to put bigger hinges on my french door so it opens 180 degrees - Home Depot told me the whole door needs to be taken out and installed correctly (moved several inches forward with some kind of a spacer - not sure of the exact term - into the house so the hinges are flush with the inside wall). Who is correct or really who is most correct and what would a real professional do? We can pull the door, but we'll have to do some tile work and of course it is rework which I hate...

PaliBob 09-03-2009 04:45 AM

Welcome to the Forum,
There are special wide throw hinges, but these are normally used for for extra wide jambs.

Take a close look at your front door to see how the inside face of the door aligns with the inside wall. They should be in the same plane. Now check the patio door, it should be similar (assuming an inward swinging door)

Can you post a pic?

Just Bill 09-03-2009 06:08 AM

A properly installed door should open all the way, or nearly so. A pic would help us determine if it is the door or the installer. I have never been impressed with help I get from big box employees, with a couple of exceptions. What type, manufacturer door is it???

AtlanticWBConst. 09-03-2009 06:37 AM

Based on the description of the issue, it sounds like Home Depot is correct.

It "sounds like" your "contractor" installed the doors flush to the exterior surface, when he should have installed it flush to the interior surface.

If there was a gap, or, space, then he should have either made his own, or, purchased, extension jambs, and installed them on the door side - facing the exterior surface.

If your "contractor" installed the door incorrectly, I'd say he:

- Didn't order it with the correct width jambs (if it was a custom ordered door)*
- Didn't know enough to fabricate his own "extensions jambs" (Carpentry 101)*
- Didn't know enough to install the door flush to the interior surface (Door Installation 101)*

By the "sounds of this post", I'd question his (the alleged contractor's) skill level and experience on such a project.

* All of these points are basic: common-sense, carpentry, remodeling, and door replacement/installation knowledge - for anyone that hires themselves out as a "professional" home "Contractor", that can properly install entry & french doors.

BTW - I include floor alterations (for an added cost, or, as part of the original agreement), in all our door installations (tile, wood, carpet, etc). It's part of what a complete door installation is.

whitek 09-03-2009 07:07 AM

Patio Door installed Correctly?
All of you confirm what I thought.... The door is flush with the outside not the inside wall therefore will not open all the way at 180 degrees. My contractor has been a nightmare and when the door was roughed in I mentioned this and he blew me off - This is not the only error I am going to have to fix. Now I suspect I am going to have to cut tile, take the brick molding off etc. and move the door back two inches... I will post a picture soon, but based on your feedback, I know the "contractor" did it wrong and does not have the skills to complete this despite his "30 years" in the business. Thanks for your help!

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