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Rclancyc 10-03-2011 04:13 PM

Patio Cover Design Question?
Hello All,

This is my first post and wanted to start out by telling you all what a great site you have. I have used it as a reference many times.

I recently had a concrete stoop at my back door demolished and am planning on building a set of stairs and a wooden landing (3'x4') to the back door. I am also planning on building a light patio cover about 8'x14'. The back door is in a corner and the outside post of the landing would be in the same location as one of the patio cover posts. Due to the soil having high shrink swell properties, I would prefer not connecting either the landing or cover to the structure since I am concerned it would have the potential to pull away from the house and cause structural damage.

My questions are about how to properly plan this project, these three come to mind initially:

1) If I intend to use the the same post for the patio cover and for one of the posts for the landing, what is the best way to secure the beam to the post for the landing (mini deck)? It seems like a bad idea to notch out 2/3rd of a 4x6 post (since there will be the roof above) and from reading this forum it is unacceptable according to most codes to bolt the beams to the sides of the post. Would it make a difference if I added cleats on the post beneath the beams? Is it necessary to have separate posts?

2) Due to height limitations of the existing roof overhang and in an effort to not obstruct the view of the backyard out of the kitchen window, I was planning on using joist hanger between the beams but would like to provide some fall for the roof (maybe a 1/2 inch rise for 8 feet of run). Is there an acceptable range in which a normal joist hanger could hold a slightly angled piece of lumber?

3) I was planning on using corrugating metal roofing, do I need some type of plywood or sheathing type material under the metal or would if suffice to just have the metal roofing nailed directly to the joists?

Thank you in advance for any response. I would include a picture but since I dont have anything to show, I am afraid I would just embarrass myself with a hand drawn sketch of what I intend to do. If my questions are not clear then I would be more than happy to submit a sketch. I am in Austin, TX which uses IBC 2009 for building codes I believe. Thanks again.


Rclancyc 10-04-2011 09:35 AM

I could. I'm not quite as worried about the leaks as I am about whether I need some sort of decking. I don't know if a patio cover must be able to bear a load. As it stand, I am planning on essentially building a pergola with a tin roof on top of it.

AGWhitehouse 10-04-2011 11:18 AM

You don't need decking with a corrugated roof system. You will, however, need purlins at a size and spacing designated by the roof type and manufacturer. Don't caulk the fastener locations, it'll look like crap and eventually leak. They make gasketed fasteners for this purpose.

Rclancyc 10-04-2011 01:07 PM

Thank you for the responses so far! Does anyone have an idea of the proper way to support the deck beam if I plan to support the roof with the same post? I am thinking maybe it would just be easier to use a ledger instead, but like I said, am reluctant to use the existing structure as a support for the above mentioned reasons.

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