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rtoni 08-13-2008 04:37 PM

partially exposed rafters
I've been reading thru some of the posts here on cathedral ceilings, insulation techniques, etc. and one of the items I read referred to a partially exposed rafter. Which I assume means insulation installed, then some kind of "stopper" tacked on the sides of each rafter (1" or 2" above the bottom face of the rafter), and then drywall (or other) finishing material installed between the rafters, attached to the stopper. Does that sound right?

Question - has anyone finished a job like this, and if so, what do you generally think of the end result, i.e. from an aesthetic point of view? I have 2x12 rafters - new construction - so I think I have enough room for R30 + airspace / vent on the top side, + an exposed (bottom face) rafter. The alternative (actually my 1st choice) is t&g pine along the underside (nothing exposed). I didn't really give much though to the "partial exposed" option until reading that others are doing this - wondering if I should give it some serious consideration - any feedback is appreciated


buletbob 08-13-2008 04:45 PM

R-30 insulation is around 9-1/2" plus your 1" air space leaves you with 1" of rafter. add your covering, sheet rock. 1/2" you will only have 1/2" exposed of the rafter. is it worth it.
you could always pad the rafters down and then perform what you asked, If thats the look your looking for. Good luck BOB

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