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wkearney99 07-20-2013 09:51 AM

outdoor kitchen island?
I'm debating whether to go with an outdoor kitchen island or not. If we do then it's a question of whether to do the outside wall in stone or paneled like the adjacent part of the house.

Here's a few pictures:

For the sake of budgets I may not fully outfit the island just now. So I'm thinking I'll just make the outside wall of it. Then come back in the Spring to complete the inside and top of it. Right now it's all about completing the house itself, getting final inspection and closing on the new mortgage. I have to put "something" on the outside edge there because it's about a 4' drop. Instead of wasting money on a railing I'll only tear down, I'm considering the island.

Yes, there's a natural gas fitting already there, and electric. No plumbing, but there is a nearby hose bib.


wkearney99 07-24-2013 09:40 AM

What, nobody with opinions here?

Blondesense 07-24-2013 10:06 AM

If you are considering waiting, I would. Wait, that is.

I would hate to be stuck BBQing in that little corner when the party is happening on the other side of the house.

Maybe live there for a season and see where it would be most convenient.

wkearney99 07-24-2013 11:04 AM

It's a 14' long wall, so I wouldn't call it a little corner. I find with parties it's actually kind of nice to have some degress of separation between different areas. Gives a chance for more than one conversation to take place. The area over the other side is likely to be the 'kids table' for the foreseeable future, and a walkway to the front driveway.

But you do make a good point about taking some time to gauge needs/convenience.

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