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csmonte 07-02-2013 10:17 AM

Outdoor bracket, for pergola support to house??
I have a unique situation with my pergola support, I was considering mounting 2x6-8-10 whatever suggested with a wall hanger, to support my beam that my pergola joists will be sitting on between the windows because I don't have room for a ledger. Problem is it will be supporting my 2x6-8 beam at around 20-22" away from house. So it will be more like a shelf supported from the house.

My inspector mentioned attaching lower joists to the house instead of posts that will support my beam, and attach to my 6x6's out at the end of my deck. I then came up with this idea thinking it would help to avoid having a few random lower joists that are supporting the beam near house.
I thought of something like this as a support but would be nice to have an outdoor version, as a pair they are rated for 1200lbs which there will be at least 3. supporting around a 8-9ft run of pergola using 2x6x10' 16"ish o.c. I may be able to have a friend make a custom one out of aluminum or stainless, but I'm sure that will be more $$$.

I'll try to draw up a plan today so everyone understands the design if it sounds confusing.

Here is where the pergola will be over the deck.

I don't know if this is a bad idea, its a bit custom but I would think it would be plenty to hold it. Otherwise its plan B.

Here is where the pergola will be over the deck.

csmonte 07-02-2013 10:24 AM


Here is the drawing before I felt the need for additional support. The bay area may not need additional support because it will not be supporting away from the house much, somewhere around 4-8." anyway, this was a quick drawing just to visualize what was going on.

thanks for ideas/comments.

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