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WillK 02-23-2011 09:12 AM

Order of operations for structural rehab
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I think I'm having a little difficulty sorting out some details of my work I'm going to be starting and would appreciate some guidance.

I will be implementing additional beam supports as specified by my structural engineer and under building permit which has already undergone plan review by my city.

I have something of a dilema because the location for the footings requires that I remove stacks of cement blocks supporting the floor joists, but I suppose on that there isn't much alternative but to build temporary yet robust support structures that will allow the floor joists to be supported until rough inspection of the footings has been completed.

But my question has to do with the joists. The photo shown below is typical of at least 10 joists. In particular, many joists have severe rot at the end and have been sistered. The sister does not go the full length to the beam. The outside end of the joist is supported on a 2x6 laid flat resting on cement blocks.

The cement blocks sit on dirt. The center beam also sits on cement blocks, but those blocks sit on concrete footing pads. It appears the center beam is probably in its original position while the outer cement blocks have probably sunk.

So these are the things I need to do, my question is whether the order is correct or whether I need to do things in a different order.

1) cut out rotted section of old floor joist
2) replace the removed section with 2x6 to fill the space
3) build temporary supports so cement blocks can be removed to dig spread footings
4) rough inspection
5) pour footings, with brackets for the post installed
6) build up beam
7) lift beam gradually until it is in position
8) install posts, which will attach to brackets at the footing and at the beam
9) at this point I would sister the joists, adding boards onto the other side of the old joists.

I find myself wanting to get the joists sistered ASAP, but would doing that prematurely just lock everything into a state of having uneven floors that I would avoid by doing the beams first?

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