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Open permits?

Well it's been a while since I've said much here, and plans have changed. Instead of rebuilding the house, my plan now is to have a new house built - doing the demo, electrical, plumbing and kitchen myself.

Since buying this house in 2010 I've pulled permits for:
Building permit - roof
Building permit - add beams in the crawlspace and drywall second floor
Mechanical - new gas pipes
Electrical - rewire the second floor
Electrical - new service entrance and rewire detatched garage

I've completed the roof and gas pipes and passed inspections.

I've been getting footing inspections on the adding beams and I passed rough inspection on all electrical.

Sooo... I'm pretty sure the permits are expired. My question is what does that mean, I understand that I'd probably have to pay the permit fees and update the electrical to the newer code cycle (which I mostly did anyway) IF my goal was completing the work.

The beams, 3 out of 4 are done.

But at this point, given plans next spring to demo the house and build new, it doesn't make sense to finish the work or pay for permits on work that's going to be demo'd in less than a year.

One part that will be kept out of this new work is that the new service entrance will be kept (it's on a 10x10 utility room that will be kept) and the garage will be kept... Would this be a matter of pulling a new permit just for those parts most likely?

I will talk with my building inspector, just want to ask some idea what to expect.


Please do NOT consider any "before" picture of my house as any kind of endorsement of any particular construction method. In fact, you should probably assume that if I post a "before" picture, I am posting it because I am soliciting advice on a proper replacement for one of MANY things done wrong by a previous owner.

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Depends on what the building official tells you. each local jurisdiction has their own rules concerning such.

Just let them know what your plans are. You'll probably have to pull a demolition permit which typically has all kinds of sign offs from electrical company, gas company, water department, lending institution (if mortgage on home) etc. May also require a rodent inspection and sign off.



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