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lilredwuck 01-30-2011 01:47 AM

No Access
Ok here is the deal. I have a basement. Then there is a crawl space for the added rooms. Then there is a porch that was inclosed to part of the house. There are two little breather vents on the outside of the house maybe 2x5 in size. It is a poured foundation. It is attached to the house. I have no way to get under there, unless I do it from inside the house, which would mean ripping up the carpet, and pulling off the subfloor. I want something more permanent. How would I go about this? Do I rent a concrete saw and cut me an access point from the basement to it like the other crawl space has? Is that all there is to it? Or do I need a lintel (spelling?) I need under there as I think one of the 4 heat vents has come undone, as three blow warm air and one is cold air. Complicated huh? Kind of lost on what to do here.

Also house was built in the late 60's I beleive, by a lumber company, who built and lived in the house next door. Very well built house, but don't understand the no access thing.

tcleve4911 01-30-2011 06:57 AM

Cutting a hole in your foundation, reinforcing the hole, and building a permanent access panel sounds like a lot of work.

How often do you need to get in there?

It sounds like you can gain access through the floor by pulling back some carpet, cutting the subfloor and gaining your access to repair the duct work.

Do you have a closet you could go through?

Pulling back and reinstalling carpet is not a big deal. Even if you have to hire an installer to come and reinstall it, that's still going to be a lot cheaper and easier than the foundation work you have proposed.

Ron6519 01-30-2011 08:55 AM

I never understand this type of construction. How do you put on an addition to the house without access to the crawl space under it?
If you're cutting through the foundation, you will need a deep throated saw. You would need to know the foundations' thickness and see if the local rental place had the tool you'd need.
You'd only need a lintel if you had a masonary veneer on the house.

lilredwuck 01-30-2011 12:14 PM

All the building was done at one time. I think someone just modified the plans. The carpet wouldn't be hard to pull up and fix the duct I agree. But this would be the main living room where I plan on putting a Large fix tank. Which would mean it might need reinforcing. Plus it would let me keep an eye on things as well. The other area has a crawl space with access through the foundation in the basement, but I don't understand why they didn't do it on this one.

I just want a big enough hole I could fit through and keep an eye on things. House had termites. Also I don't know what size floor joists they used. I just cleaned the carpet too.
I'll have to check to see how the HVAC is even ran when I get there. Need more light bulbs. Why do people run off with light bulbs when they lose their house? I don't understand that.

I'll start taking pictures for better reference is I can. Spent 9 hours cleaning carpet yesterday, and got 3 rooms done.

BTW only the front of the house is brick and where I am talking about is in the rear.

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