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swill777 08-02-2010 07:16 AM

New window in concrete block wall
Hi there, my name is Andy from East Central FL and I have a garage that was turned into a carport by filling in the spaces with wood framing then using stucco over wood. I want to fill this 9' wide by 8' high space in with concrete block. I had 2 sections and I already completed one section that had an old door in it. In this new section I want to put in a window.

I have an all block concrete house and the kind of aluminum windows I have now seem to be just caulked into the concrete/block masonry frame. There doesn't appear to be any sort of wood buck or anything like that.

I have two questions:

One, what is an easy way to make the bottom sill part of the window? I have seen only they sell concrete sill blocks, and I am wondering if they are available to the general public. I have never seen anything like that at HD or Lowes.

Two, what are they kind of windows called? Ones that don't have a nailing flange? They look more like commercial aluminum windows that you would see in a store or something.

I really would like to just create a window frame/sill out of block/masonry and install this same type of window without any wood.

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice?

Gary in WA 08-02-2010 12:18 PM

Dig under the edge of the old carport on the sides and see if it has 12" deep concrete or just a 4" slab. I doubt they put a thickened edge slab in.... Otherwise it will not support a concrete block wall. Check with your Building Department.

Be safe, Gary

swill777 08-02-2010 12:46 PM

The whole carport/garage was already made of concrete block. The previous owner just filled in the 9' spots with wood framing instead of using block the first time around. It was already built on a slab with all concrete walls, and one side of it is my concrete block house. I can only assume the slab was poured to the correct thickness during the original build. I have attached some pictures of the filled in side where a old door used to be.

I basically want to do the other side with block, but leave space for a window. I also want it to look like the rest of the windows in my house. I'll take a pic of what they look like later today.

Once the side with the window is complete I'm going to re-stucco the whole wall. Hopefully you won't be able to tell there were ever "cutouts" there.

swill777 08-02-2010 01:28 PM

After doing some research I think I identified the type of window I am looking for.
It would be an aluminum window without a nailing fin (or with a removable one).
JELD-WEN apparently makes one and provides masonry/block frame installation instructions here:
What I am looking to do is the "without buck" installation. Looks pretty straight forward.
Now back to how to make this sill besides just being flat block. I believe code says it should be sloped. I can measure the angle on my other windows as a reference...

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