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I ask the impossible!
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New siding on dormers

As I'm thinking through what I'm doing, I'm thinking maybe while I've got my roofing brackets in place and I'm putting up my vented soffit and fascia, maybe it would be a good time to get the siding up as well. It's only a triangular area that's 6' high by 8' long per wall, 4 walls, plus an end wall that is mostly window and a gable end I need to close out anyway.

So my question is to what extend I should tear off old wall and what layers do I put on all together.. Here's the current configuration, going from inside to outside:

drywall on the inside,
blown in insulation in the wall cavities (which was built with the wall studs flat, i.e. the 2x4's have the 2" dimension going from inside to outside instead of the 4" dimension),
wood plank sheathing,
asphalt shingles,
aluminum siding with some sort of fiberboard in it. The fiberboard is all soaked, and I'm certain is great for retaining moisture.

I'm thinking I ought to take it down to the wood planks then put housewrap over it since the siding holds moisture and the shingles tear off easy enough, is that right?

The other part of the question is if I have the installation order right to do housewrap over the wood planks, then 2" foam then vinyl siding.

I'm thinking I might have to get a little creative around the window openning since I'm adding thickness... Any tips for that?

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New siding on dormers

What I would do is tear off the siding, install 30lb felt over the sheathing. Run the felt up and above the soffit. Install the foam and soffit then siding.

2” is mighty thick foam for siding.

As far as being creative around the windows you might want to post some pictures first.

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I ask the impossible!
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New siding on dormers

Well, 2" is R8 per inch so R16, with a 2" cavity I figure it's kinda hard to count on the blown insulation getting all the way down.. I'm figuring that I need the 2" of foam to make up for the fact I don't even have a 4" wall cavity, and I'm going to be going for the 6" cavity R19 everywhere else.

30 lb felt. Actually, that might be a good idea... A roll would be way more than I'd need, and I just ran out of 15 lb felt for the roof and I probably need another 20 feet so I could just buy a 30 lb roll and use it for both.

On the window, I'm mostly thinking that what I need to face is that I need to somehow cover the extra 2" that the window will be recessed... That and I'll be facing the fact that the framing for the dormers is out of square, and it's going to come back into square when I add the beam supports in the crawlspace. I could pull the windows out and put them back in after the house is levelled, then reframe the windows... But the time that's going to take might put us past the point where we wanted to move in and a Michigan fall with missing windows isn't favorable for moving in.

Yeah... That's always the danger with this whole project, overthinking any piece and the whole scope gets a bit overwhelming. Well, as I did say the piece I need to do for now is the side wall of the dormers, so the windows aren't even until a couple weeks down the road.

The pain in the neck though is that if I start on the side walls, I kinda look bad when I call out the inspector for the roof permit and I have a siding job half done.. especially if I'm not at the point that I pull the permit for the rest of the project (building permit for the structural mods - which I already have plans from a structural engineer, electrical for rewiring the house, mechanical for adding a bathroom fan, maybe plumbing depending on if they require it for replumbing to fix leaks and for rerouting around new beams)

And on the other hand, the aluminum siding has a gap at the top anyway because it used to go up further before I had to change the roof.
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New siding on dormers

usually you can do a certain amount of exterior work on your home without a permit,it is usually considered a repair,talk to the building dept.its best to keep them on your side
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I ask the impossible!
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New siding on dormers

Actually, with a 4" deep cavity on the end wall, I think I'll go with R13 batts in that wall and either not add foam or maybe just 1/2" (maybe even the foil faced stuff?), that should make the window openning straight forward with the siding.
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