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A new renowned respect for Mason's.

So we'll start something simple. Take care of Mom.

Moms house needs the chimney re-pointed because the mortar is coming apart because someone painted over the brick. Not so fast. Lets go over the things I have encountered.

Goal: Re-expose the brick and re-point the brick.

Obstacle: re-expose the brick:

1) About 6 layers of paint.

2) One of the layers that covers about 90% of the brick was some kind of caulking. Note the grey bricks. The rest was some kind of sealant.

3) This is about 2 and a half hours a day start from Monday and and finished stripping "the way that worked the best" Friday.

Tools tried.

a) Marine grade stripper. ummm. No.

b) Acid. Umm. Laughed at it.

c) Sander attachment. Garden hose worked just as good.

d) Calling it names about 5 courses down. No.

e) Twisted knot, carbon steel wire wheel on my grinder worked the best. The only downfall was the amount of paint and caulking heated up and re-painted itself back on a little from it riding on the wheel to the backside. So I'm at least back down to a "single" layer. After all the research, they don't tell you what to do if you run into this. So this is how I'm going to so far. I needed to cut the meat before I skimmed the rest off the bone.

d) Cost counter measure. Only wheel the brick. For some reason, the mortar chewed up the wire faster. So I'll leave that to the pointing blade making sure that the pointing blade comes up from behind. This will kick it out so it doesn't gum up the diamond blade.

I'm taking the weekend off. Any pointers would help to get the rest. I can power wash. Can't sand blast.


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I like the appearance without the paint in the last two. Just need to put a good sealer over the brick, and leave it at that. Who ever painted the brick, especially that many coats, should be shot. I want to get rid of our chimney that was originally for the old Octopus furnace, which now only the Water Heater flue is the only thing using it. But the cost is still the kicker for me, due to $1500 to either tear down, fix the roof where it was, or $1500 to repoint, but told that it would be best to tear down.


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Get a diamond blade for your angle grinder -----that will very quickly remove the bad mortar in preparation for the tuck pointing.
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You could try to power wash it with a strong washer, like 3000 psi or better with a tight tip, but I don't think you're ever going to get it to where you'll be satisfied with the end product, unless you plan to cover it up again in paint or cementicous coating. Replicating the current joints, in both color and style, is going to be fairly difficult for a novice.

Just for the record, a mason would have likely tore the thing down to the flashing and rebuilt with new brick. I understand you don't value your time like a professional needs to to stay in business, but that's not an easy repair to make look good.

Best of luck.
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Big Box sells a angle-grinder blade just for removing the mortar. it's about 3/8" thick and will make short work of pulling the mortar out.
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I have the blade for pointing. I'm going to give another shot at getting more of the paint off.

I have stripper left over that I'm going to put on it, then hit it with a power washer to see if I can get most of it off. I don't expect to get it all, but I'd like to get it close.

Once I get that done, I'll post more pictures.


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