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WillK 02-25-2012 09:08 PM

New posts and beams in crawlspace, post out of line
Under my house built in 1917 in Michigan I have no foundation, the balloon framed house has been supported by stacks of cement blocks resting directly on dirt. The crawlspace is enclosed and conditioned. I have plans from a structural engineer specifying spread footings at 7' on center supporting 6x6 wood posts under triple 2x10 beams. I'm exceeding the plans because some footings and posts are closer than 7' due to obstructions, such as plumbing. I'm also exceeding because the engineer specified 2 beams with reuse of the triple 2x6 center beam, I am upsizing floor joists and building 4 beams because the center beam is crap and direct replacement of the center beam is impractical due to the location of the furnace.

At this point I have built 3 of 4 beams along with footings poured with post brackets set into the concrete, 6x6 posts nailed to the brackets and the beams constructed in place. If I call the northmost beam "beam 1" and the southmost beam "beam 4" then beam 4 is not started, beam 3 is complete including all post cap brackets.

So that's the gist of this project, here's the issue:

Beam 1 has 7 footings, Beam 2 has 9 footings. Out of the 7 footings on beam 1, 1 of these footings has a location problem. Out of the 9 footingso n beam 2, 2 of these footings has a location problem.

The location problem is that the post does not sit entirely under the beam. On 2 of the problem footings, 1 of the 3 boards of the beam does not have 6x6 post under it. On the 3rd problem footing, 2 boards do not have 6x6 post under them.

For the 2 posts, I was thinking I could apply polyurethane construction adhesive and nail PT 2x6 onto the side of the post and attach my post bracket to it.

For the 3rd post, I was thinking I need another 6x6 next to the original - my thought was that I'd still use the construction adhesive, but I'd have to rent a hammer drill to drill into the concrete footing to epoxy in a stud to bold down a post bracket at the bottom and tie the 2 6x6 posts together with a nail plate on each side.

I wanted to get some feedback over the weekend if my ideas are on the right track. I'll be sending a similar question to my engineer and running it by the building inspector unless I'm way off base here or anyone has a better idea.

Daniel Holzman 02-26-2012 09:56 AM

Misaligned posts are perhaps not common, but they do happen. I think you are on the right track in terms of explaining to your engineer exactly what happened, and asking them the best way to proceed.

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