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dogrescuer 06-21-2012 01:12 AM

New Hampshire Decking Material?
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I've read and enjoyed posts here and So Trex is right out.

I'm a home owner. My landscape guy has many skills -- he's built decks and houses. But he doesn't build decks for a living. I traded him web site creation and marketing for landscaping.

At first we were going to go with his skills, which includes pavers. But really the solution to my particular problem is going to be a wood or composite deck. Since he's talented, but not in decking every day, I want to learn all I can about my choices.

We are in southern New Hampshire. We have an 18x33 oval pool. It's semi-inground, meaning about 2 feet stick out of the ground. (Note that more sticks out of the ground than in the pictures. We reduced the berm to better comply with pool warranty. That got rid of lots of frogs and bugs so it was a win.)

We thought we could get an inground feel from an above ground pool. We hired a deck built out of pressure treated lumber. It is 16x16. It sits at the top half of one side of pool width. We ran out of money and so stopped there. It never got that in ground feel.

So now we're finally going to turn it into the inground by putting a deck all the way around. My husband's since gotten sick and the new deck will be very large, so we have to choose the lowest maintenance (for realsies, not just that they say so) material.

On top of low maintenance, I'd like it to look nice (not like laminate or fake wood). I'd like it to stay as cool as reasonably possible in the sun. I need to be able to put the cover on in the winter. Just as important as all of this, I want it to be beautiful.

It will be about 2' off the ground to reach pool height. On the house side, it will be the entire width of the pool (33') and 16' deep (distance of pool from house). Once we get to the top ends of the pool it can narrow to a sidewalk. Just so long as the entire pool is surrounded.

Is this possible? What do you think? What material would you use?

thank you for your input and thoughts!

1910NE 06-21-2012 08:55 AM

I lived in Southern New Hampshire at one time, and my landlord re did the front porch with Trex (or some similar.) It seemed to wear fine, although I personally did not like the fake wood look that was built into the planks.

In contrast, my father built a deck out of Trex years ago, and chose the planks with no wood grain in them, and the color of grey deck paint. I find his choice much more appealing, and it has weathered very well for many years now.

Neither of these installations are/were next to a pool, so I cant reply to that aspect. Best of luck with your decision making process!

chrisv2 06-21-2012 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by dogrescuer (Post 948140)
I've read and enjoyed posts here and So Trex is right out.

I have no association with Trex, but am faced with a similar dilemma as you -- so I'm really curious, why do you say Trex is "out" as a choice from the get-go?

dogrescuer 06-21-2012 05:24 PM

191One - thanks for the reply. I agree that grey is the only color that has a chance, that I've seen so far. At least it looks like a painted porch, and not fake grain.

chrisv2 - Go to, search Trex junk, trex mold, trex hate, then click the forums link results.

Daniel Holzman 06-21-2012 05:32 PM

I built my deck with ipe, a South American hardwood that requires no maintenance. I got my ipe from Uncle Hildes in New Hampshire, they seem to have very good prices on ipe, and a large supply. You may want to go up there to see what it looks like, and get an idea about pricing. Google ipe and you will get lots of information on the wood, its appearance, wearing characteristics, installation procedures etc.

dogrescuer 06-21-2012 05:37 PM

Fantastic! Hilde's was my first choice! But really no maintenance? How long has it been up?

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