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nam11b 04-14-2009 07:50 AM

New granite in existing construction, I want to keep my backsplash
Hey everyone! So, I am the resident noob and just wanted to say thanks in advance. I have been lurking in the shadows and this is my first real post here.

We moved to a new house last year and miss our kitchen granite countertops from our old house. Currently we have 2.25 inch laminate countertops and a full tile backsplash. I would like to replace the countertops without replacing my backsplash, but the granite is not as thick as the laminate and I need to match height. Can I use cement backerboard to match height? I would close out the gap between the countertops and the cupboards with quarter round. Any flaws in this idea? Anybody have a better idea? Thanks - Nick

RippySkippy 04-14-2009 08:24 AM

Your first call should be to your granite vendor since they will be the one responsible for the install and any warranty issues. It's likely they will have some options available to you.

BTW -- welcome aboard!

Mop in Hand 04-14-2009 09:54 AM

If your are installing a granite slab, the cbu is not needed. Granite slabs are installed on plywwod most of the time. The biggest problem I see in this project is getting the old top off. I would imagine it's installed with nails or screws along the back wall, sides and front into the cabinets and could have been glued in the process. Saving the backsplash may be more trouble than it's worth. Worth a try I suppose. Good Luck.

nam11b 04-14-2009 11:04 AM

That is what I am afraid of. The backsplash is full ceramic tile and if I mess up any sections of backsplash I end up doing about 30 linear feet of tile work. Plus, the tiles are 12 inch tiles, so i would have to chisel out full and half tiles along that whole distance.

I am really hoping I can tear it all out without taking the wall with the counter!

My big worry was using wood and having it compress over time and having a huge crack in my counter.

granite-girl 04-15-2009 12:13 PM

What about asking the fabricator to make you a smaller backsplash out of granite. Most backsplashes are 4" maybe he could do a 2" granite splash or 4" if that doesn't bother you. In our area granite is not generally applied to plywood, especially using the 3 cm material. That being said, maybe it could be shimmed up 1" with plywood or something on the corners of your cabinets, then use a piece of trim to match the cabinets between the countertop & the cabinet.
Than you still have the problem of not damaging the existing tile. Good Luck there, I'd cut the caulk between the tile & countertop & be really careful.

Five Star 04-15-2009 01:50 PM

the granite is 1 1/4" so ask the granite fabricator to make you a 1" curb for a backsplash.
i started doing this as common practice around 3 yrs ago to eliminate the cracking between the granite and tile backsplash.

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