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clindrose 06-16-2007 12:02 PM

New Garage-Roof
Building a new garage with a 5 in. 12 roof pitch. The rafter will span 14'. The roof spans 28'. What is the best method used to support the ceiling joist with no bearing partition? What strength should be used for rafter? Am thinking of 2x8. And what strenth for ceiling joist with limited storage above along with drywall on ceiling?

joasis 06-16-2007 08:43 PM

So I am guessing you are saying the building is 14 wide by 28 long? Or 28 wide, which would be a longer rafter run then 14?

The least expensive way for you to do this is by trusses, spaced 2 feet on center...and you can get them "attic" style, so you would have like a 6 X 6 or so box for light storage.

Length of the building, divide by 2, add one for the number of trusses, and remember that 2 of them should be ordered as gables, so they have framing members at 2 on center vertically. If you have an odd number, you can tight space the ends or center.

clindrose 06-16-2007 11:36 PM

I appreciate your quick response. Your answer was very helpful. Thank you!

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