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BlueBSH 06-02-2010 02:06 PM

New garage door opener
right now one of my garage doors is a screw driven Genie opener, which works great... the other is a dieing Sears craftsman chain driven opener which needs replaced...

how hard is it to replace the opener and the rail that goes down to where the door is? Everything else is in place already, the springs, the safety lines for the springs, all the mountings to the ceiling, etc... the power outlet in the ceiling... its all there...

something I could do myself or should I have a pro do it to make sure its done right?

Thurman 06-02-2010 05:24 PM

IMO- Garage door openers are designed to be a DIY project. If not, why would there be so many on the shelf's in so many stores? NOW--We, the readers here, do not know your basic or advanced DIY skills. So, how can we answer the question "something I can do myself?" IF you are a somewhat handy-dandy person at all, IF you have a friend who has any skills at all, and IF you can get your wife (IF applicable) to leave you guys alone for maybe four hours--then YES, I would say this is a job for you to do. The Genie screw drive units are good ones. There are some chain drive models out there which are good also. I find that the screw drive units tend to be quieter. Now: You will be replacing everything you see that is between the opener and the door unit. For a DIY person, and their first opener project, I do recommend (I'll get kicked out of the BOYZ Club for this one) reading the instructions which come with the new unit completely before starting. SO-you evaluate your skills and decide IF you want to tackle this project. Good Luck, David

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