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lightninrodman 06-28-2007 11:19 PM

New exterior french door install in a stucco wall
We am planning on installing a set of exterior french doors (swinging) in our master bedroom that will lead to the back yard, and eventually a hot tub...:thumbsup:

This will be a new install, probably a prehung set, I haven't looked at the selection of doors too much, but they will probably be wood. There is no door or window where we plan to put the doors. The wall is on the roof peak end of the house, so I'll probably need to cut some kind of eave over the door. They will be no wider than 6'

The house is a single story, wood frame, built in 1966, stucco exterior. The foundation is concrete and the floors are 1 1/8 plywood. It is a fairly well built house for the era.

I can visualize most of the job, cutting the hole doesn't scare me, nor does the sheetrock, interior trim or electrical, but I don't want to mess up in the header, or sealing the outside once the door is in. I am not sure if I need to put a header wider than the door, or just go to the widest existing studs beyond the opening, then put double studs under each end.

I did a search here and didn't find much, maybe I didn't use the right terms.

If there are any threads that address an installation similar to ours, or maybe someone can give me a bit of advice regarding this install, I'd be appreciative.

I posted an intro thread,
so you can see who I am.:)

Thanks for reading this,


Ron6519 06-29-2007 06:44 AM

You should be able to do the work from the inside to maintain the stucco, if you're careful. The header for a 72" door will be about 76" if it rests on one jack stud, 79" if you want two. Headers should be a minimum of 2x8's with 1/2" ply in the middle.
Any questions on framing can be checked out with any good framing book. Helps to see the process and relate to the various terminologies.

Darylh 06-30-2007 11:08 AM

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I agree do the work from inside then when your ready to put the door in then cut the exterior away. This is how I install double french doors.

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