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Need Roof Help

I am going to paint my house here soon. When cleaning and looking over the house there are a couple repairs that I would like to tackle but would need some input from the great people on these forums. There is a hole in the soffit, but my house has just wood boards looks like plywood and I was wondering I know the soffit I put on a habitates for Humanity house is soft is this new or is my house dated LOL? Do they use both kinds being soft or plywood? Also the fascia is cracking and I probably could paint over it but since I am fixing the hole in the soffit I am thinking I might as well replace the fascia also. Can I use cellular PVC trim for the fascia since it is a non rot characteristics and easy to paint? What are your takes on these repairs and replacements? Thanks All


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so whats wrong with your roof and what do you mean by soft?


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Originally Posted by tpolk View Post
so whats wrong with your roof and what do you mean by soft?

soft compared to plywood up there now. The Soffit I put up before was like plastic with small ventalation holes all though it.

What I currently have is plywood which is much firmer than the above. Should I relace with the above all around my house or just cut to replace the hole and prime and paint? I was just curious if the new day in age just use the plastic soffit rather than plywood? o well there is more detail and a picture. Thanks
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The question you are asking will bring subjective and opinionated answers. I think you are probably liking the clean look that vinyl soffits give you, but IMO wood is the way to go. Wood is more durable, and is crafted instead of manufactured. That is a big argument in a few words. As far as the facia, if you are looking to replace it, use cement board. The Azek expands and contracts, sometimes opening the joints by as much as 1/2"!! Many people are worried about using a cement product, because they think it is hard to work with. You buy they special blade for your circular saw, and it cuts almost like wood, and you don't have to pre-drill the nails with a hammer drill. You can nail it on with a siding gun. Like Azek, Hardie boards can be bought with wood grain on them. Hope this helps.
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I do agree with "CustomBuild" in that this is an opinionated subject matter. I also agree that IF there is wood there now, there should be wood there after repairs. I do a lot of soffit and fascia repair in this area, and most of these homes are less than ten years old. Plywood is the material of choice around here on most homes, whether it be 1/4" or 3/8". For some reason I have seen the Habitat Homes using vinyl soffit's, and not enough support IMO. Go back a year later and the soffit looks like an upside-down roller coaster. Unless you are wanting to change out all of the soffit on your home, I would just do the repair with wood. Another advantage, to me, is that wood can be painted, vinyl cannot. As far as using cement board as fascia--actually I have not seen that around here, interesting. We still use real wood, or at least I do. One thing that really irks (is that a real word?) me is to find the aluminum sheeting placed over the fascia board and water has infiltrated the aluminum causing the fascia to rot out leaving somewhat only the aluminum hanging there looking like nothing is wrong. Just my 2 worth, David
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I would keep the wood soffits. Now is the time to add soffit venting, if needed. On this site, check for:
And ask away……

Be safe, Gary


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