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rosco4069 10-02-2011 09:28 PM

Need to replace jack post, do I need to replace footing pad, please read...
My house is roughly 80 years old, 950sq ft balloon frame, single main 3 piece wood beam, not much by the way of surprises, pretty good condition in a nut shell. Our area was hit by a really big storm(snow, melt off, no power for days, your typical armegeddon) and we had flooding 4-5 ft in the basement. This was 4 years ago.

Little remains of that storm remains BUT where the jacks turn for adjusting allowed water to penetrate (these were under water for a couple of days), one has rusted for what I will assume was water sitting inside the unit for 4 years (near the bottom by the support plate). There are three adjustable jacks which replaced 2 post jacks from the original build, our neighbor has the SAME house, her still has the original layout. Our inspector noted the upgrade and the newer concrete during inspection, said this showed the "scars" of a two by two new pad to foot the new jack post. I'm sorry I ramble, but I feel this info is important to access the entire situation.

My question is do I pour a new footer(2'by2' I will assume, since it is one I would be replacing) when replacing the jack post, or can I simple swap them out(using temps of course) in the same footer space? I am also wondering if one post has done this, what is happening with the other 2?

COLDIRON 10-03-2011 06:26 AM

I would make sure all posts in the basement have foundations under each one, then I would make sure the house is level by jacking if necessary, then install permanent columns in place of the adjustable jacks.

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