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mstemphoski 03-28-2011 11:15 AM

Need opinions on insulation of basement walls
My basement has finished walls, but no insulation at all. The basment is all concrete walls and has never had water. I have a french drain around the basement with a sump pump. I want to insulate as the room is chilly during the winter and gets warm with 5+ people in the summer. I have 1 6" hit from my forced air heat/ac system in the back of the room that has made a difference, but it not enough. I also have an electric fireplace i use during really cold days to take the chill out of the room. I have 2 outside walls as i am in a middle unit townhouse. one of the walls i can physically get behind to insulate with r13 rolls, but the other outside wall i can not get behind. I do have access through the sump pump access and i can remove my deck steps and a ledger board to get to it from the outside. I was thinking about blown insulation, but i am nervous should i get water, or the moisture in the concrete is not allowed breathe and cause mold. I was told i should rip the drywall down, insulate with r13 and put the wall back up but i was hoping there was an easier way. Also will insulating the outside walls only make a difference if the 2 common walls and floor are not insulated?

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