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mellio1007 10-07-2010 04:39 PM

need help with pillar footings
Doing a job where we are taking out a 2x6 wall that is 15' of a 35 run down the centre of a basement...The home is colonial style with a truss roof and a second story above where the new beam is to be installed...We are using a 200x45 beam (8"x8") and want to know how large the concrete form that will support the 2 posts should be...I have cut the concrete in 30x30" squares and cleaned out what was on top of the origninal measures 18" wide by 7.25 deep and there was an additional 3" question is should we take out the entire 30"x18" piece of footing or would it be ok to dig 6 wide by 7.25 deep and poor it over the top i have pics of what we have discovered...and can send them to well would a stronger psi concrete help to use the existing footing...thanks...

Daniel Holzman 10-07-2010 05:16 PM

This sounds like you are doing a commercial job. If so you need to hire your own engineer.

Your post was very confusing, I don't know what a 200x45 beam is, I don't know what a 35 run is (do you mean you are taking out 15 feet of load bearing wall from a 35 foot wall and installing a header?) I don't understand why you are concerned about the size of the concrete form, perhaps you are asking how large the pier needs to be?

mellio1007 10-07-2010 06:29 PM

Sorry Daniel first timer...this is a residential project...the basement is 27 wide by 35' long with a centre 2x6 wall that sits on a 2"lip and runs the 35'...My question is this we want to put a beam that is 8"x8" steel and know that the beam and strength is correct...We need to remove the first 15ft of this 2x6 wall and replace it with the steel beam...the beam would run from the outside wall to 15' in and we would put another post at about the 13' mark...and leave the rest orignal wall there...upon starting to excavate for our piers for the 2 shoring posts i cut the cement 30"x30" and dug down 3.5" to find the orginal footing for the 2x6 wall.. it is 18" wide by 7.25" deep 35' long and when the floor was finished over it it became 10.25 inches...Here the question...we have 9 inches on each side that we have excavated by 30" there any type of cement or rebar configuration that would allow me to use this footing, use a high strengh concrete and not have to remove this solid section of a settled footing...what psi should we use...or is it best to take it out, go down deeper and maybe

mellio1007 10-07-2010 06:30 PM

i have pictures
ive also got photos

Gary in WA 10-07-2010 07:59 PM

You need Engineering help, not forum help.......


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