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tljbcrew 08-09-2010 10:35 AM

Need correct steps for install OSB, Tyvek, Windows
Hey first time poster here. I was able to find some mixed answers across some of the posts I read but wanted to post and ask exactly for what I need. If I duplicated what might already be out there I apologize in advance.

House siding project - Live in Missouri (KC) 18 year old home. Replacing maconite siding. Products used are LP lap and LP smartside 4X8/4X9 panel, Smartside trim, OSB and tyvek. Including 4 new windows.

1. I want to put 1/2 OSB everywhere first after my tear out. Is that a good size OSB?

2. What is the correct order--> OSB to studs, then windows, then flashing, housewrap , then siding?

3. Assuming yes, then I just install the windows nail fin right over OSB and housewrap around it taping and overlaping to tyvek specs?

I do know that LP Smartside doesn't require OSB backing however I want to do that regardless. In addition, Home Depot claimed I was not getting triple 4 lap in the smartside but said it was made by LP. However, LP doesn't make anything other than lap in the smartside according to their website. Either way I needed the triple 4 no mater what it came in. Some lap hardboard does require a OSB base. So Since OSB was so cheap in my area I was going to just put it up for the added value. Sorry for the long post.

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