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big blue 10-06-2006 05:04 PM

nail removal on fascia
I have to remove some fascia on my shed but do not want to replace it since I just put it up. My question is how do I remove the aluminum nails without destroying the fascia.I know it sounds like a dumb question but aluminum nails are soft and once they are in they want to stay in. Any ideas would be appreciated.:(

mdshunk 10-06-2006 05:47 PM

You might try one of those little pry bars that are used to remove fine trim. I suspect that it's a lost cause. Fascia is so cheap, it might not even be worth the effort. Sorry to hear that it's new and you need to remove it already. You might just call the cost of more new fascia the cost of your DIY education. Tuition is expensive.

redline 10-06-2006 08:03 PM

Will you be removing the nails after the fascia is off or before?

Double A 10-06-2006 11:36 PM

What are the aluminum nails holding? Wood to wood?Aluminum to wood?

AtlanticWBConst. 10-07-2006 09:42 AM

I am assuming that they are also 'ring shank' nails?
Either way:
Pry the fascia out slightly. Best tool for this is a 'casing bar'. It's a very flat small pry bar that causes virtually no damage to the wood surfaces if used right.
About 1/8" of space should do it. (between the fascia and the rafter tail - I assume).
Get a recipricating saw with a long metal blade. Slide the blade up and behind the fascia until you feel that you have contacted the nail. Cut the nails one at a time.
'Pop', the fascia comes off. If you have ring shank nails in the board, forget about trying to take them out.
If not ring shank, you could tap on the cut nail stub to pop the nail head out a little on the finished face side and use a pair of nail dykes to pull them out. Use a scrap piece of wood, like a shim, to protect the face of the wood.

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